lateralworks is a consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area with an international client base. We help our clients deliver advanced technology on or ahead of schedule. For over 30 years lateralworks has helped clients to define the right project and then to rapidly execute product development/market introduction in order to maximin ROI.

lateralworks conducts ongoing research into best practices of successful teams, the study initiated in 1990. The research project is called Fast-Time-to-Market (FTTM). We have developed a best practice database through experiences on hundreds of development projects. These practices and experience form the foundation of our work with clients.

lateralworks has developed methodology and tools to assist teams to implement best practices in their unique environments around the world. FTTM Tools are used by lateralworks to facilitate rapid project decision-making and execution. These tools are also available to our clients for their own ongoing FTTM deployment programs. 

What we do

  • We engage with clients to accelerate development and reduce risk

  • We educate clients, so they can accelerate development

  • We develop and provide software, so our clients can accelerate development on their own

Best Practice Research


We conduct ongoing research into the best practices of highly successful new product development teams, and we continuously maintain a current best-practice experience base. This “competency-based” research forms the core of our consulting practice keeping us at the cutting edge of new thinking before, in many cases, it is documented by the academic community. Our focus has been, and remains, on practical solutions that can be applied to real-life client problems, rather than theoretical or esoteric ideas that “publish well,” but tend to be difficult to implement in practice.

Consulting + Education


Professional services designed to help clients get new products to market at the right-time in order to maximize profit. These services operate at the strategic product portfolio level, as well as at the execution level for critical new product development (NPD) projects.


Fast-Time-to-Market (FTTM) Tools are designed to accelerate projects.