decisionAccelerator 4.15 Released


  • Framework sheet updated (and moved to after CostBenefit chart)

  • Risks, PPA and Business Cases moved to separate sheets and Grouping removed

  • Dependency constraints removed

  • Excel tabs now visible when on a regular Excel worksheet - also better handling of other Excel files that are open


  • Red “best fit” arrow now just a line to avoid display problems with different screen resolutions


  • Bug fixed where the blue bars were not updated when an alternative was excluded

  • % Rating fixed

  • Slow performance fixed when saving a Custom rating

  • Custom form now dynamically changes size based on the length of the custom name

  • Custom name now highlighted on the form

Elements of a Good Decision Model

Elements of a Good Decision Model

Goal: The final purpose or aim; the end toward which effort is directed. Objectives: Something that ones efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish. Alternatives: Allowing or necessitating a choice between two or more things. A good decision model has a clear goal (i.e. to delimit the problem), measurable objectives, and alternative choices with some way to quantify the "best ones."

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Macro Mind-Mapping

Macro Mind-Mapping

In this screencast I’ll discuss Macro Mapping, which is a planning technique we use to organize a top-level macro plan. This mind-mapping approach causes a team to look holistically at a program from beginning to end... from a macro perspective. This way of looking at a program from the top-down is a key characteristic of fast teams we’ve worked with over the years.

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