Failure of VOC


Designing a product around a customer's needs - though blindingly obvious to most of us - tends to be an afterthought at best, typically "we know what the customers want" and worst none at all. 

Regardless of what fancy technology is built inside the latest hi-tech gizmo, the user interface and the user experience has to be a high priority as ultimately, this is how the user will judge your product. In reality, the user doesn't care if you're using a custom made processor or an old Intel 8086. If the user finds your gizmo hard to operate, this is how they will judge it.

If the user is going to judge your gizmo on how they interact with it, doesn't it make sense to find out what they want or at least get early prototypes in the hands of users to get early feedback?

We’ve seen many companies falter of fail due to a lack of user input.

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