Building Schedules Using the Practices of Fast Teams

Having worked with and studied fast teams over the past 25+ years, they all share a common set of practices for executing projects. Un summary:

Fast-Time-ToMarket Panning Methodology

Fast-Time-ToMarket Panning Methodology

  • Start with the end in mind

    • First identify the goal and what needs to be accomplished by the end of the project, then plan to achieve the end

  • Start without constraints

    • Constraints limit your thinking. Instead, work to the early schedule and resolve obstacles along the way

  • Build a realistic plan and understand the gap between reality and needed

    • Know the gap between reality and target from day one

    • If it’s bad, better to know earlier than later when you have lost time to recover

  • Use the plan to create a sense of urgency

    • Before-the-fact vs. after-the-fact

  • Breakdown the near-term into short interval tasks for better tracking and pull-in

  • Use the schedule to engage the team and the customer to accelerate the schedule

  • Perform frequent refreshes

    • Update and pull-in frequently - the more often, the better

    • The rhythm produces accountability

  • Manage using schedule trends of the gap between target and predicted dates

  • Manage the program through the schedule vs. the schedule as a reporter

  • Be comfortable with being "roughly right" vs, “exactly wrong”

    • Plan from macro to micro and detail over time