Right Product... 80% of Future Product Success


Simply stated, the Right Product is the one that precisely meets the Right Customer’s product requirements. But determining those requirements and translating them into product specifications is a complex process, and businesses don’t always put in enough effort.

The problem: it’s possible to wind up spending money and time developing a product that has a fabulous array of features—which the customer doesn’t turn out to need. Designing unnecessary features can also lengthen the development cycle, causing the product to miss its window of opportunity. Fast teams have a process for taking the guesswork out of determining the Right Customer’s real product requirements:

  1. Identify the right people in the customer organization to ask

  2. Develop questions that get to the heart of what they need

  3. Find out what the customer’s own customers actually want

  4. Obtain the customer’s involvement throughout the entire development cycle, to keep up with their changing requirements

  5. Quickly translate the customer’s priority requirements into product specifications

  6. Convince engineers to buy in to those product specifications