Root Causes of Poor FTTM Performance

Poor Performance = low profit & revenue caused by new products that are late and/or that don’t meet customer expectations (i.e., wrong products and the wrong time)

Our focus, with this research, are the factors that drive fast development of technology products, and those that also exceed customer expectations (i.e. right-products at the right-time).

We were looking at how to get FTTM (fast-time-to-market) results on strategic products, which inevitably meant that other products in the portfolio suffered (i.e. robbed Peter to pay Paul).

We focus on root causes of effective and ineffective systems to deliver right-product right-time performance, not just for a single strategic project, but more systemically across the complete product portfolio.

We use “RTTM” interchangeably as Reliable-Time-to-Market and Right-Time-to-Market.

Time-to-market diagnostics resistance considerations.