Intrinsic Drivers that Motivate High Performance Results

Daniel Pink confirms what we've seen, since our first best practice studyin the early 1990's, about the intrinsic drivers that motivate people to achieve high performance results.

  • Autonomy - self directed

  • Mastery - getting better at it

  • Purpose - a bigger reason to do it (because it matters)

Using Mr. Pink's three part motivation-metric (above), the Fast-Time-To-Market (FTTM) planning process supports all his "motivation elements." It is a means to their deployment.

Plans are generated by the people who do the work (gives autonomy), Refresh Planning focuses on continuous improvement (getting better) not failure analysis, and the macro plan provides lateral-linkages across the program (of functional silos) that enables individuals to see how they fit into the context of the larger system (giving purpose).

All good concepts need vehicles to get them implemented. Our focus has always been on finding mechanisms within which ideas can be applied. Ideas without deployment mechanisms are just good ideas.