A management simulator

Example of cost-benefit curve generated by decisionAccelerator

Example of cost-benefit curve generated by decisionAccelerator

A majority of our clients are, at the core, engineers or scientists--willingly or unwillingly forced into executive leadership roles. This is the norm in the tech-business.

A client said to me recently, "our executives just want to work on everything and don't want to make the hard decisions to kill anything." He went on to say, "we are at a point financially were the gap between what they want to do and what can be done with available resources is just too large...it is a point of departure for us where something must be done."

The trick to getting "engineering-executives" involved in playing the gameis to turn the decision-process into a "science project" of sorts where they can dynamically simulate and explore their alternatives in a fact-based modeling environment.

A kind of management simulator--applying scientific method to a management problem--what to cut in order to achieve the maximum benefit from the remaining resources? This must be done in a facilitated-group setting in order to generate discussion and reach consensus.