Key Success Factors implementing Refresh Planning

Following are factors that drive successful deployment of Refresh Planning. These have been developed over the years through thousands of consulting engagements.

  1. Form a cross-functional Steering Group comprised of senior people above the program team. Use this group to deal with the interface points between functions such as Engineering, Operations, and Marketing. This is more than a reporting vehicle, it is also a vehicle to manage projects in the future -- like a board of directors for programs.

  2. The Managing executive must be the primary client. If/when the implementation/consulting team runs into roadblocks, this executive will be the first point of contact. The implementation team needs to be operating at this level to be effective.

  3. The implementation team will run the schedule initially to model the proper behavior. Teach by doing.

  4. An intense 3-week total focus; all team leaders are available when the implementation team requires their time, i.e. not scheduling around their current commitments. Their time will be optimized, but when needed it they must be available. The first three weeks are the key to getting the process working.

  5. Work-sessions can't be canceled; they will start on time, laptops/cell phones are turned off, and people stay for the duration.

  6. Full core-team participation in refresh cycles -- 4 times a week (30 minutes each).

  7. Macro plan (developed with managing executive, program manager, marketing) with the near term detail built-out with team leaders as the project moves forward.

  8. The managing executive needs to be directly involved in all meetings during our three week engagement (can't delegate this). It is his/her authority and leadership that is need to express the seriousness of getting the planning system working and removing the roadblocks that could prevent it from working.

  9. The implementation team will disengage in 3-weeks and transfer driving ownership to the Program Manager. The implementation team's role after the 3-week period will be to audit and monitor progress/performance and provide advice on how to improve the process.

  10. Implementation team operates at Freedom Level 1.