Right-time ensures financial return from new products


Product life-cycles are short and steep, and there's a great deal of "global" competition--especially in the technology sector.Therefore, entering the market at the Right Time is critical to a company's survival. This almost always involves being first to market, at the time when demand is just beginning to accelerate.

By entering the market at the Right Time, companies can sometimes contract to sell at the highest average selling price for an extended period of time, avoiding the price degradation that inevitably occurs over time. Rather than the schedule being "wishful thinking," it needs to be a dynamic tool for managing the process, reducing time-to-market without compromising other requirements:

  • Ensure that the organizational structure supports fast teams

  • Know the cost of being late to market, and use that cost-of-delay as the primary driver for speed

  • Implement fast decision-making procedures that authorize fast starts

  • Make schedule KING

  • Create fast schedules and rigorous tracking systems