fastProject 4.8.4 Released


Change Working TimeExceptions addedMade more user friendly, e.g. Exceptions called HolidaysBugs fixed

  • Converting an in-progress schedule with the project name on line 1 now doesn't prompt to delete the name

  • Added "Name Last Milestone" to the shortcut menu (only) which names the selected milestones (past tense) based on their Summary task names.


  • Now remembers the "Exclude Touchpoints (in the future)" setting

  • Checkpoints and Deliverables now have the same functionality as Touchpoints

  • Update now reflects any custom name change for Touchpoints, Checkpoints and Deliverables


  • Headings on all Wigglecharts now hidden each time the Wigglechart is run

  • Bug fixed where after upgrading to the new Wigglechart, charts for the completed milestones weren't scaled

  • Bug fixed where upgrading the Wigglechart could cause a crash

  • Bug fixed in Wigglechart Upgrade where the Wigglets in the Dashboard weren't displayed for completed milestones

Wigglechart Roll-up Dashboard

Bug fixed which could cause a crash copying over the data


  • Fixed bug where tasks were incorrectly identified as not being updated


  • Critical Path option added so (by default) Summary Bars are now automatically hidden whenever the critical path is invoked

  • Changed the name of the peel arrows to Peel Back and Peel Forward

  • Bug fixed where the Review Targets could be brought up with no Target selected

  • Fixed bug where Completed tasks were not showing p in the Duration Analysis report.

  • Fixed bug reporting the Cumulative days change on the Earliest baseline


  • S-Phone Wigglechart added to Documentation > Training Class section

  • Updated FTTM Seminar/Training Class materials

  • Internal reorganization

Cost of Delay

  • Cost of Delay renamed to fastROI