When Should I Send Out the PreFresh Lookahead Report?

When you send out the Pre-Fresh Lookahead report, fastProject always assumes you will be doing the Refresh on the following day, and it uses this to calculate the remaining durations for the Lookahead report. If you send the Lookahead report out a day earlier, you need to adjust the Lookahead window. To do this, use the Advanced version of the report:

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 4.10.33 PM.png

Then change the Days to lookahead from 4 to 5.

During the Progress Update, the default lookahead window is 3 days. As we send the report out the day before, this should be set to 3+1=4 days. If on the other hand you sent it out a day earlier, it should be 3+2 (days before Progress Update) =5 days.

If you use the default setting the day before the Progress Update/Refresh then just click the PreFresh button and generate the report, everything will be calculated correctly for next day's meeting. And of course don't forget to send it out to the team members.