Customize the Lookahead Report

When the PreFresh or PostFresh Lookahead Report (LAR) is generated, a pre-defined set of columns are shown/hidden. The LAR ribbon comes with an easy-to-use way of Showing/Hiding columns, but sometimes you may want to display information in a column that cannot be shown/hidden via the ribbon, or a more permanent, customized report is required, i.e. you want to override the default columns that are shown/hidden when the report is generated.


Fortunately, fastProject has a method to do this:

Step 1: Enable Customization

Enable the customized report by going to File > fastProject Options > Update > then check Use custom lookahead report.


Step 2: Customize the Report

  1. Navigate to the fastProject folder in c:\Program Files\fastProject or c:\Program Files (x86)\fastProject

  2. Right-click on the file look_ahead_report_template.xltm

    • NOTE: it is important you do it this way as it's a template file

  3. Hide/Show the columns you want using the Excel Hide/Unhide function

    • It is usually best just to unhide all columns then selectively hide the ones you do not want

    • DO NOT add or delete columns or rows

    • Save the file, exit and test