fastProject 4.8.5 Released


  • Fixed bug with different date formats (specifically for the UK)

  • Converting a schedule now includes converting durations to days (when needed)

  • Change Holidays/Working Time now adds the ability to change the Default calendar

  • Task breakdown is now more event distributed throughout the subtasks vs. one long duration task followed by a number of 1 day subtasks

  • Bug fixed exporting Notes and ActionsBug fixed where the column header of Flag16 would get corrupted


  • Lookahead Reports now don’t write out a predicted Finish date if the task has not started

  • Update Statistics moved from Trend Analysis to stand-alone (Update button dropdown > Update Statistics)

  • Wigglechart now includes the number of “Days Remaining” or “Days Past” Target

  • Bug fixed when upgrading older Wigglecharts


  • Duration Analysis now stand-alone (was part of Trend Analysis). Now includes the ability to do duration analysis of tasks or summary task.”

  • “All Preds” and “All Succs” now works from the selected task (and not from the selected Target)

  • Peel ID now hidden when the Logic Peel is invoked

  • Critical Path button moved to far left to make it more intuitive moving from left to right

  • Critical Path peel modes moved to CP Analysis dropdown button

  • Logic Peel now includes the peel “level”

  • WBS Analysis now has a default and and Advanced mode


  • Y-Axis on the sensitivity analysis chart fixed