Installing Solver for decisionAccelerator

decisionAccelerator is an add-in to Excel and requires Solver (a Microsoft Excel Add-in). If Solver is not installed, it is very common to get the following error when launching decisionAccelerator:

No solver.png


Check if Solver is installed as follows:

  1. Open Excel (not decisionAccelerator)

  2. File > Options > Add-ins

    • Solver will be listed in the "Active Application Add-ins" if it is installed

  3. If Solver is not installed

    • Click Go… (next to Excel Add-ins)

    • Check the Solver Add-In

    • Click OK and wait for it to install -- if it is checked

    • Exit Excel

  4. If Solver is installed

    • Click Go… (next to Excel Add-ins)

      • Uncheck Solver

    • Click OK

    • Exit Excel

    • Now follow the steps in Step 3 to re-install Solver