decisionAccelerator 4.16 Released


  • Improved interface for defining a Values, Values ($) and a Linear scale


  • Bars in the ranking table are now split so negative values are represented by a red bar and positive values by a blue bar. To make it easier to read, the table now has vertical lines marking the boundary of each score.

  • Problem fixed where the bars were shown incorrectly when "Low was set to good”


  • Chart now as a separate file rather than integrated into the dA model. This allows multiple Cost-Benefit charts to be created and, if needed, merged into a single file if different scenarios are being developed.

  • The chart now scales to the number of budget increments/alternatives

  • An “information” screen is now displayed reporting the progress of the creating the cost-benefit chart. This will be particularly useful for charts that take a significant time to create, reassuring the user that it is working.

    • For charts that take a significant amount of time to create, try reducing the number of budget increments