fastProject 4.8.8 Released


  • Problem fixed when breaking down a task when the schedule has a blank line (could cause the task to be broken down incorrectly)

  • Restoring Views/Tables/Filters improved and minor bugs fixed


  • Bug fixed where the ribbon would disappear in some cases with sub-projectsewfwe

  • Target status now reflects correctly the Target details when the target is in a sub-project

  • Displaying the “Latest baseline” when a target is in a sub-project, now displays the baseline for that sub-project

    • Note: this will also display the same baseline for all sub-projects, so bear in mind that if the sub-projects have not been updated in sync with each other, the baseline displayed for the other sub-projects could be a different date


  • Updating a schedule now automatically displays the Inspector and displays the information relating to the next Target. This allows the team to track changes to the target as the schedule is updated.


  • Options made clearer when a Wigglechart does not exist


  • Added a check for the fastProject defaults not being set, indicating the schedule should be converted.