decisionAccelerator 4.17 Released


  • Problem fixed where the bars were shown incorrectly when "Low was set to good”

  • Bars in the ranking table are now split so negative values are represented by a red bar to the left of the zero position and positive values by a blue bar to the right of the zero position. To make it easier to read, the table now has vertical lines marking the boundary of each cell.

Alt ranking with neg numbers.JPG


  • Chart now as a separate file rather than integrated into the dA model. This allows multiple Cost-Benefit charts to be created and, if needed, merged into a single file if different scenarios are being developed.

  • The chart now scales to the number of budget increments/alternatives

  • An “information” screen is now displayed reporting the progress of the creating the cost-benefit chart. This will be particularly useful for charts that take a significant time to create, reassuring the user that it is working.

    • For charts that take a significant amount of time to create, try reducing the number of budget increments