fastProject 4.8.9 Released


  • Link to Last and Link from First functions improved - now works for all scenarios

  • Updated “Change working time” functions


  • Importing a PreFresh Report now automatically imports the updates using the following rules when no update is provided:


    • All update fields blank then update as not started

    • If started and Finish date is in the past then update with a remaining duration of 1 day

    • If started and Finish date is in the future then update as on schedule


    • Finish date is in the past then update as not finished (reschedule)

    Touchpoints, Checkpoints and Deliverables

    • Finish date is in the future then assume on schedule

  • Importing a PreFresh report will automatically invoke an Update immediately after. This is to ensure all tasks get updated, i.e. Update will catch any tasks that were not or need updating.

  • PreFresh report now shades the input cells that require response. Invalid responses are shaded red.

  • Days Remaining and Predicted Finish Date columns now hidden by default

  • In the PreFresh report, entering Days Remaining as a date will now automatically format the cell as a date. Likewise if entering as a duration will automatically format it as a number.


  • Targets report now omits the start-up window (with options) and simply generates the report. First column is now the Target ‘s ID and Targets ar enow sorted by ID as the default.

  • Bug fixed when analyzing the critical path with near-term critical paths only, when the primary critical path hasn’t been updated.


  • Wigglechart 3-on-1 bug fixed when only one data point exists in the Wigglechart.


  • 15-20x speed improvement in Delete Duplicate Dependencies

  • Clean Up schedule and Delete Duplicate Dependencies functionality now integrated into Analyzer, i.e. performed when running the Analyzer and is now no longer a separate function


  • New feature added “Update Effort” within the Resources tab. Like “Update Progress”, it runs through the schedule, but updates effort (rather than time). Effort can be expressed in days or hours, and can be updated by % Complete or Actual and Remaining. In addition, resources can be allocated to a task from the resource pool. An effort PreFresh report accompanies the effort updater. More detail can be found in the corresponding documentation.