fastProject 4.8.10 Released


  • Enhanced interface to create Calendars, change calendar working time, define Exceptions (e.g. holidays), Work Weeks, etc.

  • Windows now pop-up on the same screen as MS Project when extended display is used


  • Importing a PreFresh report :

    • Imports the Task name and Activity owner when different.

    • Opens he LAR if there are errors (vs. the user having to open it).

    • Enhanced error checking when entering the status updates through conditional formatting.

    • Notes column now visible. Any notes added by the user are imported to the task’s notes on import.

  • Yellow shading representing started tasks that are due to be finished by the next refresh not highlighted in the prefers report (still highlighted in the PostFresh report)

  • Near-term critical paths now works on checkpoints with a date constraint in the future


  • Bug fixed when displaying only one target on the 3-on-1 Wigglechart

Effort Update

  • Bug fixed where a task’s % Complete was incorrectly flagged as an error when importing effort numbers

  • Baseline now automatically set when importing


  • Fix duplicate links only performed on projects with no inserted projects

  • Fixed bug where the Analyzer would crash with inserted projects


  • Item added to WBS sub-menu to automatically display all near-term tasks (starting within 1 month) with a duration of more than 15 days